Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012 Burn Baby Burn

Good evening everyone.

The title of today's posting says it all.  Today's workout was Legs and Back, with ARX as well.  This is an awesome workout.  Very low impact, but lots of work.  You get a good burn in the legs letting you know they are working hard and I honestly believe you can feel your back muscles getting stronger.  As I mentioned this is a very low impact workout, and you don't really even need weights.  You do  need power bands or a pull-up bar.  If you have not done a lot of pull-ups or know you have little upper body strength I would suggest the bands.  You can use a pull-up bar, but use a chair to assist you.  Make sure when you use the chair you can feel your self pulling with your upper back and not always pushing with your legs.  The key; set a goal and work towards it.

Hear are my accountability numbers for today:

Time:  81 minutes
Calories:  1075
MHR:  235
AHR:  142

I don't believe that my MHR was really that high.  I do have some issues with my heart rate monitor getting wacky when it is cooler.  I think it is a conductivity problem and I do several things to try to avoid these issues.  I do know that as I get warmed up and into the workout it seems to work better.

See you tomorrow.  I have a special posting for tomorrow.

Bring it, but Don't Bring it Weak


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