Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012, Accountability Posting

Good evening.  Today was a pretty good day.  Today's workout was Back and Biceps (M2W1D3).  The exercise rotation turned out to be Biceps, Biceps, Back, so it was curls (of some type) then pullups.  There were a few non-pullup back exercises, and they provide a really good challenge.  For those of you that may be concerned that you can't (yet) do pullups, there is a modification for these as well.  You can use powerbands or you can use a chair as an assist.  I have not done much upper body development over the years, and I find that I have to use the chair assist.  Remember you are lifting your entire body weight.  I had to review several of the exercises so my DVD remote got a bit of a workout today.  The breaks were not long; just enough for me to get an idea of how to properly perform the exercise, and get my weight figured out.  I use the Bowflex 910 SelectFlex Dumbells.  I will do a posting about them later.  I got a good workout, and I can still feel the pump 3 hours after it is over.  What an awesome feeling.  All P90X resistance days also have ARX.   I find that each time through I am able to do more than I was the previous time.  There are three exercises that I struggle with:  Heels to the Heavens, Frogie, and Mason Twists.  With Frogie and Mason Twists I have some balance issues and fall over.  I am getting better at each of them, and I am hoping that the time will come when I don't fall over like a Weeble.

Here are today's numbers:
Time:  72 minutes.
Calories:  932
MHR:  202
AHR:  142

Remember to Brind it and Don't Bring it Weak.


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