Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012 Accountability Posting

It was a good day today.  I have been working on my diet and when I say that I mean not only what I eat but how.  I am trying to get back into the habit of eating 5 times a day instead of 3.  I have learned that this is important because your body wants to store energy for later.  Once your body learns that you are exercising it will try and store up energy so you have it when you need it.  This causes your metabolism to slow down.  By increasing your eating to 5 small meals your body learns that you are feeding it as needed and it does not store energy.  This keeps your metabolism up and helps your workout burn the calories you need.  With this in mind, it is important to eat the amount of calories that you really need to meet your goal.  Use a calorie calculator to determine your intake based on what you want to do.  Do you want to loose weight, gain muscle, or maintain.  That is one thing I like about the Beachbody programs.  You can design the program to meet your goal, not someone elses.

Sorry, got off on a bit of a tangent.  Today is M2W1D2 and today's workout was Plyometrics (or jump training).  This is a great workout, and is good cardio.  It also gives your calves a great workout, and you know it when you get done.  This has become one of my favorite P90X workouts because it is something that works for what ever fitness level you are at.  As an analogy, we can look at the games of bowling and golf.  In bowling there is a perfect score, 300.  Once you have done this all you can do is try and repeat, but you can never get a higher score.  Golf on the other hand has no perfect score.  Regardless of how well you do, you always have the ability to set a new goal and get a better score.   The benchmark score right now is 59, but once a few more people shoot that score, the talk will revolve around who can shoot 55.  Plyo is like this.  When you start, you may not be able to jump high or for the full duration of the particular routine.  As you get stronger and more fit, you can do better.  This may be doing the exercise longer, or faster, or maybe you can even jump higher.  I did pretty good today, but I know I can improve.  Last week was a rest week, and even though I did some cardio I did not do Plyo.  I could tell it today.  The good news is that my recovery time is quicker, so I know that I can push a little harder next week.

Here are the numbers for today.

Time:  61 minutes
Calories:  867
Max HR (MHR):  182
Avg HR (AHR):  156

Hope everyone has an awesome day.  I will share some motivational phrases we use in the message boards to remind us each day what we need to do. 
Keep Pushing Play (KPP): A reminder to push the play button on the DVD player each day and do your routine.  We do this to remind each other of our commitment to our fitness goals.  It is like having a workout buddy reminding you to go to the gym.

Dig Deeper (DD):  I got this from Shaun T during my time with the Insanity program.  This is a reminder that most people stop way too soon.  I know when I run my mind tells me to stop at about the 1.5 mile mark.  I know that if I push past that, when I get to 2 miles my breathing settles and I get into that wonderful groove for the next 2.  The same goes with the other programs.  There is pain, which is bad, and there is discomfort.  Discomfort tells you that you are pushing the envelope and making a change.

Don't Bring it Weak (DBIW).  I got this one from my coach.  This simple statement tells you that if you are going to commit to the goal commit 100% not 50.  Bring your best to the workout everyday.  Set your goals and push to meet them.

Have an awesome evening.


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