Monday, May 14, 2012

My feelings on the obesity epidemic

I haven't posted in a while, and I really need to work on that.  As my readers know, and new readers will soon figure out, I am a Beachbody Coach.  Why do I mention this?  I mention this because there will be times when I appear biased, and on those occasions I am fully aware of that.  The one thing you can depend on, is that if I don't like a product, or don't use it, I will tell you.  If you post a question about something, I will get you the best answer that I can.  I started the blog to share my experiences concerning my fitness journey, but have decided that there may be an occasion where I post a non-fitness related posting.  I know I am working on one concerning electric cars.

Today, I wanted to address, from purely an editorial standpoint, the obesity problem in the US.  I am not a "hate fat people" person.  I don't.  My personal belief has always been that if you are happy with yourself great.  If you are not, then do something about it.  You don't get to play on both sides of the fence.  You can't complain about being overweight, then complain that you can't get help.  It is up to you.  I don't know of anyone who gained 100 pounds overnight, and I am sure no one will ever loose 100 pounds overnight.  There is no miracle drug. I don't care what you see on TV or in the magazines.  You cannot take a pill and loose weight.  There may be some that help raise metabolism for a short time, but they are not magic.  The only way anyone will ever be successful with weight loss, or weight gain for that matter is through a lifestyle change.  That is what it took for me, and I only wanted to loose 30 pounds.  I also wanted to get fit, and tone up my muscles.  I think have have done well.  I still eat things that are not great for you.  I love pizza and cheeseburgers.  When I go to a hockey game I have two sodas and peanuts.  I know there is a lifestyle change, but I still want to live. I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions.  I know that if I gain 5 pounds over the holidays, then I have to really pay attention to my exercise routine and diet afterwards.  It is up to me.  No one can make me healthy.  Only I can do that.  I have been lucky so far.  I have found exercise programs that I like and will stick to.  I even occasionally use my elliptical and Bowflex.  I am actually looking at ways to incorporate them into my current routines.  I have been working out now for almost two full years.  There were a couple of breaks; one for 3 months and another for 2.  I have paid the price for falling off the wagon.

Ok, back to my point.  There may be many reasons that someone is obese.  There may be personality issues, self image, or just poor choices.  I am not an expert.  What I am is someone that sees more and more obese people demanding special treatment because of their choices.  And yes, I say their choices even though there may be some personality issue as an underlying cause.  Why, because they can get help for depression, self-image and other issues.  They just need to want it.  You cannot eat your problems away.  This is mainly because overeating and obesity lead to other problems.  Again, if you are happy great.  If not, then get help and realize it is a journey.

There are consequences in life.  If you take up two seats on an airplane you should have to pay for two.  Obesity is the leading cause for rising medical costs in the US.  I am not providing a reference for this, but I have read this in several places over the last two weeks.  My concern is that if we as a society do not recognize that we need to change behavior, there are those that feel they will need to make the change for us.  One of the news personalities recently said that obesity was a government problem. If I go to a buffet, I go for the selection.  I don't take, "All you can Eat" as a challenge.  On the other hand, I am not in favor of the buffet police, or some government official telling me I can't have the occasional Big Mac.

To all my friends.  I am not standing in judgement.  Like I said, if you are happy great, if not then get some help.  I will gladly stand by you in your quest.  I know from personal experience that motivation is the hardest part of making a change to get fit and healthy. I have been there and still working at it.